Take advantage of the Scrabble Blank Tile to win the game of Scrabble

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About Scrabble Blank Tile

To succeed in Scrabble and Words WithFriends, you must pay attention to the void rule; it is quite useful and should be used frequently. Although it has no point value, it is employed flexibly and presents numerous options for you, including the possibility of winning the game. The two blanks that come with the Scrabble set are devoid of letters. They can be used as a "wildcard" to represent whatever letter a player announces when they are played, according to tournament official and box rules. A popular rule variant is to enable a played empty tile to be switched back into the player's inventory when the letter the tile represents is received. This rule is not in the box rules and is not permitted in official Scrabble tournaments. If someone draws an empty square at the start of the game, that person gets to go first.

Ways to take advantage of Scrabble Blank Tile

#1: Create a Hook
In Scrabble, hook words are quite useful. You may quickly add a hook mark to an existing word using empty Scrabble tiles because they can be used to form any letter. You can use this to increase the monetary value of a word or to prepare for a larger game in the future. With just one letter, you are still able to use a word or a string of letters several times.
#2: Block the opponent's path
It's frustrating when all you can do is watch helplessly as your opponent plays a word on a neighboring double or triple word score square, giving them a large point advantage. However, you were fully aware that they would be able to do so, and you had no way of taking the square before they did. A blank tile means that you can take the board space before anybody else does.
#3: Multiply your score with a multiplier
Coupled with the ability to steal points from your opponent's hands is the ability to use them yourself to earn a large number of points. Scrabble blanks and some of the alphabets are the only substantial differences between these two approaches.
#4: Earn Bingo Bonuses
A bingo bonus in games like Scrabble or Words With Friends is one of the most satisfying things you can do in the game. Scrabble and Words With Friends both offer a 50-point bonus for taking control of a piece of the board, which will put you in a position to win the game. You may have realized that the empty squares make bingo even easier, but that isn't the only benefit.
#5: Pair with rare tiles
In Scrabble, it's crucial to provide plenty of blank spaces for maneuverability. Especially when you're looking for something to accompany an uncommon and cumbersome crossword puzzle. When it comes to drawing cells like Q, J, and Z, you may find yourself perplexed as to what to do with them. At least some of the muddle can be cleared out thanks to empty cells!
#6: “S” Spells Victory
Blank tiles are king when it comes to versatility. The Stiles, on the other hand, comes in a close second. Because of this, it only makes sense to combine them in order to get a massive advantage.
#7: Blank Scrabble Tile Should Not Be Used Right Away
There's a strong urge to use the blank tiles as soon as possible because of all of the possibilities. You should only do this if absolutely necessary; in most cases, though, you should hold off. Scrabble doesn't have any rules requiring you to utilize a blank tile immediately after receiving it. Hold on to your miracle tiles and wait for the right time to use them.