What do you need to do to win the word game?

Enter wildcards (? or space)

Word puzzles are never easy, especially classic word games like Scrabble and Word with Frend. To train it to become a professional player, there are a lot of skills that you need to practice. In fact, it is very difficult for newbies, but that is obvious because no one is good at first and some things you need to keep in mind below will help you gain experience faster to play the game any letter.

Remember short words

Often short words are what determine how well you can create new words. Maybe longer words get you points but in some cases, shorter words are a big deciding factor leading to more points. Memorize short 2-letter words more, these are easily generated, then memorize 3-letter words as much as possible. Short words you can easily memorize, practice them.

Remember special words

These words are rarely used by you and sometimes are unfamiliar to everyone, the good thing to remember these words is that many of them have many suggestions for you to choose from, they will sometimes help you out of the situation of difficulty playing word games. Some words like "qwerty", "phpht", "Faqir", ....

Play multiple words at once

You connect a new word with the beginning or end of an existing word. You can use S to sort or change word states. In addition, you can add a hook to get a quick score, unlike using a word, you use a letter. It can allow you to claim points from bonus tiles while also preventing your opponent from doing the same.

Shuffling unhelpful tiles

When there are tiles on your shelf that won't perform well, get some new ones. Swapping cells can give you more desirable suggestions. Keep what you know for your battle experience.

Bonus squares and Bingo

Pay attention to the double bonus boxes rather than long words, it's easier and easier to earn points. Notice the many gaps and opportunities to approach them. Don't leave your opponent any bonus slots, make the best use of them. To use Bingo effectively you need to plan for it. Study the table and try to hold onto some "aeinlrst" cells as you get them. These letters often combine with other letters of the alphabet to create seven-letter words.